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Child Doing Art Activity


Vibrant Learning Environment

At Chapel Lane Nursery & Pre-School, you’ll find the creative and caring learning atmosphere you have been hoping for.


Discovering the world, respecting the environment

Chapel Lane Day Nursery and Pre-school aims to:

·       Create opportunities for a child to discover all manner of sounds, sights, shapes and textures both indoors and outdoors.

·       Encourage children to make discoveries about themselves and the world in which they live through exploration and first hand experiences.

·       Create an environment which allows children to feel secure and valued. To guide them to be considerate towards others and show respect.

·      Listen to children and support their lines of discovery and enquiry. We will add colour to a child’s life by encouraging self-expression and imagination.

·       Provide a happy, safe, warm and stimulating environment for all children to play, learn and develop freely.

Our Nursery: About Us
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